Website Update

I’ve gone ahead and cleaned up my website. JUST A BIT. Just enough.

I’ll do another update soon. What’s happening now, though? Well, for one, I got promoted at work. For two, I finished PAPER MOON, that book I kept talking about finishing. Now I’m in revisions! For three, I don’t have an appropriate link for this, but I’ll be in ALA in June! In San Francisco! I’m there for work, but if you’re there and want to say Hi, I certainly won’t stop you. But I may talk to you about comics.


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4 Responses to Website Update

  1. Hurrah! Congratulations on both accounts – promotion & moving into revisions for PAPER MOON! 😀

    (Also, you’re adorable; is that weird? I poked through your about page and saw your photos so yeah.)

    • Robin Herrera

      Not at all weird! I was hoping this post would inspire people to poke around and find the few new things (newspaper articles especially) that I put up.

  2. Rebecca

    Hi! I’m a librarian in the bay area and am so excited that you will be at ALA in San Francisco. Do you know what day(s)? I would love to meet you but won’t be able to attend the entire conference. Thanks!

    • Robin Herrera

      Hi, Rebecca! I’ll be there all days, at the Diamond Booth (the Oni Press section). Never been to ALA, but I assume it’s in the Comics area? If there’s a comics area?

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