ALA Media Awards

We’re so close to the awards now! And I know I haven’t done a proper “Top ____ List” of books I read last year, which will hopefully happen soon. Last year was a good year for reading.

I’m sadly not very good at predicting Newberys, but I do always hope it’s a book I’ve read (and enjoyed!), so I hope that this year it’s WEST OF THE MOON or UNDER THE EGG or BROWN GIRL DREAMING. (If EL DEAFO wins, that will be exciting too, but I think the Newbery committee will likely adhere to the rules. :\ )

As for the Printz, I have no idea. Maybe GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE? I read that last year. I think it’d be great if OTHERBOUND got at least an honor. Same deal for STRANGE SWEET SONG and LIKE WATER ON STONE. And since graphic novels can win the Printz, wouldn’t it be awesome if THROUGH THE WOODS got some recognition?

Not sure if WE WERE LIARS will end up on the list. There was a lot of buzz when it first came out, but I feel the buzz has died down since. It’s a very divisive book. (For the record, I thoroughly enjoyed it!)

Aaaaaand I don’t read enough picture books to even begin talking about the Caldecott.

However, as always, I’ll be live-tweeting the event, because it’s the most fun I have all year. Join me?

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