The Margin Project and Margin Notes

At some point before, during, or after reading this post, you should check out Jen Malone’s THE MARGIN PROJECT. Jen is the author of AT YOUR SERVICE, a fun and bubbly MG I’m greatly enjoying right now!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I received an ARC of my book with tons of awesome margin notes from the fine authors at OneFour KidLit! These were awesome and made my day/week/life, so I wanted to share some of the least spoiler-y ones:

The Trailer Park Club

Mixed reactions to THE TRAILER PARK CLUB’s name


photo 9



photo 8

Ha ha ha, no one likes Denny


photo 7

I hadn’t really noticed, but Star is kind of obsessed with making sure the minutes are taken


photo 6

I’m so proud of that burn. Glad someone acknowledged it.


photo 5

Good to know that eating fingernails elicits a universally disgusted response


photo 4

This IS a nod to Alan’s lecture! I snuck this VCFA reference in at the last minute.


photo 3

Ha ha ha, no one likes Mr. Savage either


photo 2

People REALLY don’t like Mr. Savage. At what point can I admit he was based on me and not get eaten alive?


photo 1

SO GOOD. This made me laugh out loud for a solid minute.


I hope you had as much fun reading those as I did!

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