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Quick Update

It’s been a busy month!

Most of my time has been eaten up by my upcoming wedding, so I haven’t been able to post anything here. Amazingly, I’ve been able to do some reading–mostly comics, but I just finished fellow VCFA-er Rachel Wilson’s debut YA novel, DON’T TOUCH. Highly recommended, especially if you were ever involved in theater. (Find more info on it HERE.) Reading that book brought back a lot of fun theater memories.

After all, I met my husband-to-be on the set of a high-school play!

So, please give me a couple weeks to get adjusted. I’ll leave you with this Star Mackie doodle as a consolation prize:


stur mackie

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June 23, 2014 · 3:30 pm



Something I’ve been working on. Might make it a temporary tattoo. All I know is that I spent way too much time on it to just let it sit on the blog.

(That’s Emily Dickinson, by the way.)


November 26, 2013 · 10:13 pm

The Newsroom



OH MAGGIE. Poor, poor Maggie. Pre-haircut, still full of raw idealism.

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September 18, 2013 · 7:05 pm