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School Library Journal STARRED REVIEW of Hope Is a Ferris Wheel

“Herrera’s first novel is quite accomplished, with plenty of heart and humor […] Star is a unique, determined, and loving child making the best of a bad situation; readers cannot help but root for her.”

Kirkus Review of Hope Is a Ferris Wheel

“The author handles the Mackie family’s financial and domestic situation with delicacy and respect, allowing readers to gradually get to know the difficulties her characters face.”

“Well-constructed, thought-provoking and appealing, this first effort bodes well for the author’s future.”

Publishers Weekly Review of Hope Is a Ferris Wheel

“Herrera’s vivid debut introduces a contemplative girl who finds an unlikely community at her new school.”

“A tender and truthful novel that addresses stereotypes without promising easy answers or cookie-cutter closure.”

Booklist Review of Hope Is a Ferris Wheel

“In her debut, Herrera has created a delightful narrator with a memorable voice and surrounded her with a unique supporting cast.”

Children’s Literature Review of Hope Is a Ferris Wheel

“Robin Herrera crams more humor and pathos into Star’s fabulously funny and heart-wrenching vocabulary-word-sentences (which Star writes faithfully each week but fails to turn in) than many veteran authors pack into entire books, showing herself to be a sparkling new voice in middle-grade fiction.”

Review by Rebecca Petruck, author of Steering Toward Normal

“Robin’s novel is gentle and kind and a little brutal and true.”

 Review at Spirit of Children’s Literature

“I highly recommend this humorous and realistic read!”


“Looking Ahead with Robin Herrera and Hope Is a Ferris Wheel” – Interview with Tirzah Price at The Compulsive Reader

“TCR: How would you describe your book in ten words or less? RH: A trailer park soap opera about poetry and friendship.”

Interview at Literature & Laura

“I’m terrible at titles!”

Interview/Review at Word Spelunking

“I used to draw comics/write stories about a character named Super Robin (obviously)”

 Side by Side Interview at Teenreads

“Then we’d trade dirty jokes and I’d eat the rest of her sushi.”

Interview at Smack Dab in the Middle 

“Judy Blume cussed all over the place!”

In the Middle Interview at Heidi Schultz’s blog

“Also, I’ve got horcruxes.”

Interview at Spirit of Children’s Literature

“Although I still hate T. S. Eliot’s poetry even after hearing a recording of him reading The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. Bleh.”

Quick Five© Author Interview with Tanya Pickles

“I don’t think college is for everyone.”


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