Well, I ding dang did it! I finally finished the book I’ve been working on for longer than HOPE IS A FERRIS WHEEL. Time will tell whether it’ll be published or not, but hey, finishing is half the battle! Also, I think it’s a darn good book.

I will say that if it gets published, the acknowledgments are gonna have to be their own entire chapter.


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  1. Oh yay! Is this Paper Moon? Either way, congratulations on finishing!! I look forward to buying a shiny copy to sit on my shelf besides HOPE IS A FERRIS WHEEL! (Always optimistic!) :)

  2. Judy C

    I am also looking forward to it. I thoroughly enjoyed Hope is a Ferris Wheel earlier this year, and was just looking to see if you had anything else I could read. So, meanwhile, I’m going to go see about The Murder of Bindy McKenzie, which you rated 5 stars in your previous blog.

    • Robin Herrera

      Thanks, Judy! The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie is my favorite YA novel and I highly recommend it. I’ll post news here about Paper Moon if it’s acquired by anyone.

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