A Real Live Book Cover!

Likely, you’ve already seen my cover, as it’s been gracing the Amazon/Goodreads page for about a month. But for posterity, here it is:


Sometimes authors end up with covers they really dislike, and I’m happy to report that is not the case here! I think it’s cool that Amulet ran with the Ferris wheel (the original title of this book was IN THE WORDS OF STAR MACKIE), which is an idea that evolved over the course of six drafts. I’m sure some people will be surprised that the entire novel does not take place on a Ferris wheel. Sorry, folks!

Anyway, my favorite thing about my cover is the colors. So! Bright! So! Pretty! So! Eye-catching! Plus, isn’t that title treatment the best? And, after looking at my final pass pages last week, I’m pleased to tell you that the inside design is just as beautiful as the cover.

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